Wall Sconces - Add The Perfect Design Element

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Wall sconces are the new decorating trend from - chic to elegant. They allow you to express your creativeness. There are many beautiful designs to add color, style, personality and of course lighting to your home or business. Add the artistic look and match any theme or décor. Your choices are endless - Contemporary sconces, Rustic Lodge wall sconces, Stained Glass or Tiffany sconces, Mission, Wine Bottle & more.

Wall mounted lighting or wall sconces can provide many types of lighting, including task, mood, general or accent. Many lamping options are available. The big trend is of course LED.

Sconces are perfect in any setting in your home or business.

A glowing lit wall sconce on each side of your fireplace will make it come alive even if there is no roaring fire.            
Sconces in your bedroom create a mood of calm and peacefulness - I would use dimmers.  


Bathrooms of course are a great place for wall sconces. Add a one or two light wall mounted lights on each side of a decorative mirror, or a vanity light above for bright task lighting. Mount sconces with dimmers by the tub area and turn the area into a true sanctuary spa. 


With so many different styles wall sconces can add that design element, to your hallway, foyer, media room, study, bar and don't forget outdoors.


At Smashing Stained Glass & Lighting, you have unlimited choices of wall mounted lighting. All of our sconces can be custom made to your specifications including, color, style, size and lamping. If you don't find a sconce that meets or design or decorating needs, send us a drawing and we will make it for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us support@smashingstainedglass.com or 763-350-0293.



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