Ceiling Lighting-Which type do you need or want?

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Today, ceiling lighting is one of the most important design elements in your home or business.

Which type of ceiling light or lights is best for you? I will try to give you some help.

The three major categories of ceiling lights are chandeliers, pendants, and  flushmounts.  

At Smashing Stained Glass & Lighting, they are available in a wide variety of styles and themes. Such as Tiffany stained glass pendants, Contemporary flushmounts, wine bottle chandeliers, Meyda Metro fused glass semi-flushmounts, wildlife island/billiard pendants to name only a few.


Chandeliers are one of the most dramatic, beautiful and elegant forms of lighting. In the home, chandeliers are commonly found in the dining room, although more and more designers are putting them in foyers, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Chandeliers usually have multiple arms and light bulbs and are used for ambient lighting. To highlight their beauty, it is important that they are the correct size for the area and hung at the correct height. Check out How to buy a ceiling light



Pendants are found in nearly every room in the home. Especially in the kitchen, breakfast nook foyer, bedroom and family rooms. Pendants come in a variety of styles themes and materials. They enhance and add light and class to any room.


Pendants are hung from the ceiling on a rigid arm or chain. Pendants shine the light down (task lighting) and Inverted Pendants shine the light up (ambient lighting). Oblong Pendants or Island/Billiard lights are specific for task lighting.




Flushmount fixtures hang flat against the ceiling.They are ideal for low ceilings.They are used primarily in bedrooms, kitchen, halls and bathrooms to provide ambient lighting. Flushmounts are available in many styles:  Rustic Lodge flushmounts, Tiffany peacock flushmounts, contemporary and many more. Semi-Flushmount ceiling lighting leaves a gap of usually 4" - 8" between the ceiling and the semi-flushmount. They offer a more streamlined look. They are used on ceilings too low for chandeliers or pendants but too high for flushmounts.



Today, according to the American Lighting Association, lighting trends lead customers to fixtures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Modern lights are now expected to be used for illuminating but also as a decorating accessory to add beauty to your home or retail space.

At Smashing Stained Glass & Lighting, we have an excellent selection of ceiling lighting. Plus all of our lighting has custom capabilities. Light fixture of Your Own. Please check it out and feel free to contact us if you have any questions support@smashingstainedglass.com or 763-350-0293



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