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The history of Mission style dates back to the Spanish missions and are especially influenced by  Mexico, California and Santa Fe. Using dark wood and clean lines, Mission style is still very popular today because of the way it so seamlessly blends function with style. If you choose to use mission style furniture and decorating techniques in your home, you should be aware that mission style stained glass panels are available to pull your room together the that extra touch of stained glass. 

Mission style stained glass differs from other stained glass designs. The traditional Victorian and religious stained glass features mainly animals, deities, floral arrangements and elaborate scenes designs, mission style glass is much simpler. Mission style stained glass panels feature geometric shapes and Native American designs or sometimes an arch or mountain. These designs are heavily influenced by Native American designs, a tribute to our American Ancestors. Because Mission style has very subtle color, it takes a lot of its inspiration from the earth, specifically the desert. Brown, gold, and amber are the signature colors of mission style. You will also find green, red, or rich orange. These colors are meant to go perfectly with simple dark wood furniture and earthy tones. What is "Mission style" stained glass?

Add Mission Style to Your Decor

The revival in popularity of Mission styles stems largely from their association with handcrafted elements, a rarity in this technologically advanced age. The stained glass pieces offer an heirloom quality and a patina that deepens with age.   


Mission and Arts & Crafts style furnishings and interiors are typically very durable and classic with a timeless appeal.

Outdoor Uses of Mission Style Lighting 

Another use of Mission style is outdoor lighting fixtures that usually have the look and feel of carriage lamps. They are perfect for garages, entryways and patios.

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