Planning Your Outdoor Lighting

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The outside of your home or retail space should look just as beautiful as the inside. Outdoor lighting is a neglected lighting task that is usually poorly planned and executed. So, if your are adding siding or repainting your home, or putting in a garden that would be the time to do your outdoor lighting planning. At Smashing Stained Glass & Lighting, we have the unique rugged outdoor lighting to truly accent the beauty of your home or business.

Major Reasons to Plan Outdoor Lighting 

1.) Plan to give visitors and guests a safe, easy access to the front door with enough light to see their way, but not be blinded by very bright lighting. If at all possible, use several low level light sources instead of just one bright lighting fixture. For one, the eyes adapt slower from bright light to darker areas, so you might create glare and even a trip hazard by over illuminating your front steps.

At your front door, outdoor lighting plays an important role in welcoming  your guests to your home. Outdoor sconces also satisfy the need for security by illuminating steps and letting you identify visitors as they approach.

An outdoor sconce on either side of the door will light the door lock, doorbell and front step. Recessed down lights will do the same, but if used alone they will not illuminate the faces of visitors very well, and can create unattractive shadows. Mount the outdoor wall lighting fixtures at least 66" above standing level.

Don't forget your garage doors and your patio. Browse our many styles from traditional to rustic outdoor wall sconces to find just the right one for you. Outdoor Sconces

2.) Planning to set off the street side of the house after dark and give your house night street appeal. Be the best looking home or business on the block.

Add a beautiful pendant or outdoor flushmount to show off your front door color. 

For lighting a long walk or to place strategically around your patio, garden, or deck, add post mounted outdoor lighting.  


3.) Plan to set a mood for your landscaping and gardens. Adding landscape lighting will do the trick.



If you live on lakefront, how about a pair of beautiful pier mount lights to your dock. A post mount light could also be added on your deck.

Each of these uses of outdoor lighting has to be planned and coordinated to bring a coherent whole look to your home or business after dark.

At Smashing Stained Glass we have the outdoor lighting fixtures to achieve all of these goals, and many varied styles to match your home’s architecture and your tastes and preferences. It's your décor and personal preference that determines the choice of style.

If you don’t see that very special light you want, we will custom make it for you. All of our products have custom capabilities or we can custom create your design. A Light Fixture of Your Own

There are American Craftsman outdoor flushmounts or rustic lodge outdoor lights, plain or intricate designs in metal, mica and glass. Our outdoor lighting fixtures are made from different types of metal finishes like verdigris, copper, and craftsman brown.

From outdoor sconces, to hanging outdoor pendants, we have the best selection of outdoor lighting fixtures to really spruce up the exterior of your home.

Enjoy browsing our collection of outdoor sconces, outdoor pendant lights, outdoor flushmounts, landscape lights, post mount lights, and pier mounts. From rustic lighting fixtures to elegant, we have something for every style preference.

We, at Smashing Stained Glass & Lighting are dedicated to providing our customers with helpful outdoor lighting information, the finest quality fixtures at the best prices, unparalleled customer service, and support to ensure total and complete satisfaction with every purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or 763-­350-­0293.



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  • I appreciate that you mentioned that outdoor lighting welcomes guests to your place. As humans, we are naturally drawn to light after all. You did mentioned that having an outdoor scone could be a good investment for outdoor lighting. I’m a bit interested to see what other types of wall lighting designs there are. Learning about their benefits and designs could be useful to someone who is hoping to find something that fits the theme and style of their home.

    Taylor Bishop on

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