What is “Mission Style” Stained Glass?

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Experiencing a resurgence of popularity of stained glass lamps in the late 20th century and into the 21st, the Mission-style continues to gain admirers. Emerging from the Arts & Crafts movement in the 1860s, it was a protest against the mass-produced ornate decor of the Victorian Era.

Mission colored stained glass is meant to go perfectly with simple dark wood furniture and earthy tones. In home design and furnishings, it emphasizes natural materials, especially wood.



Adding Mission style stained glass, decor and accessories is a great way to improve the interior design of your home. You can combine Mission and Art Nouveau style items that add warmth with interesting lines and feel of a Frank Lloyd Wright room. 

Mission style stained glass, also known as "Frank Lloyd Wright", "Arts & Crafts", ”Craftsman",  "Prairie" or “Southwestern”  stained glass,  is characterized by straight lines forming squares and rectangles. Mission style lamps come with straight-edged stained-glass shades and oak or metal casting bases.


Mission style is very subtle; it takes a lot of its inspiration from the earth, specifically the desert. The colors of the stained glass are usually brown, gold, and amber. Occasionally you might also find green, red, or rich orange.

Mission style refers to a style of stained glass with a pronounced geometry in design. Not all Mission design fits the classic mold and the differences between Mission, Craftsman, and Arts & Crafts lighting styles are subjective. Yet, to the detailed eye, the style differences are obvious.



What we call Transitional Mission lamps rests comfortably in the gray areas. Transitional Mission is lighter and more feminine than its related styles, with softer curves and profiles drawn from Classical and Colonial sources, making it especially suitable for rooms with a less formal approach.

While debate continues about the true origin of the term "Mission," it is usually seen evolving from English Arts & Crafts roots and intimately related to the American Craftsman movement. Mission is less a philosophy than a look - which can be summed up, and oversimplified, as square and rustic. This style remains distinctive and popular to this day.

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